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Make the standard of clean goods through the variety of products and qualified of service & quality.
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    We are offering packaged service for packaging in chemical field.

Our products related to chemical field assures to be high-quality and certified products. Our products related to chemical field are high-quality and certified which we provide packaged service for customers’ convenience and quick response
  • We offer customize service for the customized piping materials for liquid (CANISTER, FITTING, GASKET, Bolt and experimental equipment), used in IT industrial facilities (Semiconductor, Display, 2nd battery and etc)

  • ㆍWADA – semiconductor, an electrolyte, IPA etc. chemical storage and container for transport
    ㆍSavillex – Telflon, experiment container, is used in laboratory and analytical laboratory
    ㆍFit-one/Partek/Gore – piping materials of Telfon
    ㆍBolt- Strong acid such as SUS304, Teflon coating Bolt, Hasteloy Bolt, Peek Bolt , Chemical Bolt.
  • · Business : Packaging
  • · Related fields : Gore, Savillex, WADA
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gloves, Wipers, Stationery, Cleaner, Garments, Miscellaneous Goods , ESD
  • Bio&Pharm
  • Pharmaceatucal, Bio,
    Medical Devices, Lab
  • Solar
  • Solar industry consumables
    PE/PU functional film
    Sieve, Glove
  • Film
  • Film, Coating, Special Tape