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Make the standard of clean goods through the variety of products and qualified of service & quality.
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    Safety of workers comes first.

KM’s motto is “KM’s technology to maintain the safety”.
We make an effort to maximize the safety of the workers in hazardous industrial sites and meet various demands from the customers by providing reliable and innovative products.
  • Working with Dupont, a global company in chemical industry, we strive to keep the safety of workers with Tyvek® to protect from Hydrofluoric acid and other chemicals and Nomex® from flame, providing a thorough quality test and performance evaluation
  • We have put our passion and know-how from over 20 years of experience in clean room consumables into our asbestos, dust mask and safety glasses and proud of its excellent products.
    Safety of workers comes first in any situation and we believe the world’s best quality products come from the safe workers. We will endeavor continuously to provide a higher quality and better products.
  • Safety of workers first in every possible case and we will do our best to manufacture high quality and better apparel performances
    products through the sense of duty that workers in safety sites can produce world top quality.
  • · Business : Industrial Supplies
  • · Related fields : Heavy industry, automotive, steel industry,

    petrochemical industry / safety site

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gloves, Wipers, Stationery, Cleaner, Garments, Miscellaneous Goods , ESD
  • Bio&Pharm
  • Pharmaceatucal, Bio,
    Medical Devices, Lab
  • Solar
  • Solar industry consumables
    PE/PU functional film
    Sieve, Glove
  • Film
  • Film, Coating, Special Tape