KM CO.,LTD / (주)케이엠
Make the standard of clean goods through the variety of products and qualified of service & quality.
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    We will make the World-Standard for Clean goods.

KM, focused on domestic production and stable supply,
has supplied variety of products such as PVC Glove, Polyester Wiper, Dust-free Paper for domestic and
foreign country Since its establishment.
  • Clean goods of semiconductor industry are capital and technology-intensive products that are required more than 10 quality test process, Large-scale of Clean room production facilities and particle counter.
  • Although Failure of initial development, it can be possible to localization by virtue of customer’s encouraging and support. Now, we are supplying to LG display and semiconductor industry of all over the world such as IBM, Intel, NEC, Motorola, SGS Thompson.
  • KM, which has been grown with development of domestic and foreign semiconductor industry, will endeavor constantly
    through the development of new products
  • · Business : Cleaning supplies
  • · Related fields : semiconductor, AssemblyProcesses, TFT LCD And

    OLED Processes,

    Pharmaceuticals and Medical field, Biotechnology industry, Hospitals and laboratories

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gloves, Wipers, Stationery, Cleaner, Garments, Miscellaneous Goods , ESD
  • Bio&Pharm
  • Pharmaceatucal, Bio,
    Medical Devices, Lab
  • Solar
  • Solar industry consumables
    PE/PU functional film
    Sieve, Glove
  • Film
  • Film, Coating, Special Tape