KM CO.,LTD / (주)케이엠
Make the standard of clean goods through the variety of products and qualified of service & quality.
Business Area Summary Technical Support
    Business area of KM Research institute
  • 1) Maintenance of safety environment service in clean room
  • ① Coverage
    → 7 Standard Items : temperature, humidity, air volume, attachment,
        air current, intensity of illumination, Particle
    → DIW(De Ionized Water) : LPC(Liquid Particle), TOC, conductivity, Bacteria
    → House Keeping : Clean room Cleaning, C/R Air Filter change and repair,
        managing of consumables
    → C/R Consulting : design of Clean room, input/out know-how, maintenance of
        cleanliness in clean room(providing the management criteria), introduction of
        clean goods for dress code and cleanliness.
  • ② Management Standards : ISO 14644-1 (Federal Standard 909E),
                                               KM Enviroment Cleanroom Guide line
  • ③ analysis equipment : To be updated soon
  • ④ analysis result : “ Guarantee and Contract are provided”
  • ⑤ information of the person in charge
  • 2) analysis task
  • ① Standard Test Method (Details to be uploaded soon)
       → IEST-RP, ASTM, ISO, JIS, KS
  • ② analysis list(range of service)
       → Range of analysis(Particles) is uploaded.
  • ③ present condition of analysis equipment
       → present condition of analysis equipment is uploaded.
  • 3) RND service
  • ① Range of service and contract is uploaded
  • 4) analysis equipment and sensor
  • ① Range of application
       → installing the maintenance sensor of cleanroom and providing
           the Remote management service
       → managing of cleanroom data base and build the basis of mobile
       → Consulting of analysis and analysis equipment