KM CO.,LTD / (주)케이엠
Make the standard of clean goods through the variety of products and qualified of service & quality.
Business Area Summary Technical Support
    Outline of KM Research institute
  • The date of establishment
  • 24, Jul. 2001.
  • Outline of establish the KM research institute
  • Cleanliness of manufacture environment for Semiconductor and LCD is one of the important control elements influencing the rate-of-production.
    KM annex research institute has been developing various wipers, dustproof garments, functional glove for eczema patients and etc.
    Recently, KM was awarded with NET (New Excellent Technology) prize through developing the ultrapure virgin PE bag, Back sheet for solar industry and films for secondary batteries.
  • History of Research Institute
  • 24, Jul. 2001. The first certificated clean technology institute of Woojin ACT Corp.
  • 01, Aug. 2006. Name was changed to Pollution Control Technology Institute.
  • 25, Feb. 2007. Name was changed to KM Technology Institute.
  • Number of research worker
  • Total 19 people including Professor Mr. Kim Eung-kuk
  • Prize giving details
  • 29, Aug, 2013. NET prize
    (Name of technology; Base film which is to improve vibration resistant of lithium secondary battery manufactucre technique for Seal tape)
  • The list of Government enterprise
  • 1) 1) Technological innovation development project (The small and Medium business administration); Developing the manufacture technique for PV/BT/ST/Cosmetics/IT
  • 2) Industrial origin technique development project(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning); Developing the infection prevention non-woven & Sterilization pouch
  • Intellectual Property Status
  • 1) Patents : 17, Utility model : 5, design right : 8, trademark rights : 19
  • 2) Completed a total of 49 cases pending
Various Certification and Prize giving details
  • · Business : Institute of Technology
  • · Related fields : 내용준비중,

    Pharmaceutical medical field, bio-industry, hospitals and laboratories