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Savillex C-flow 400d PFA Nebulizer
Product Summary
PFA concentric nebulizer is used in ICP-MS equipment

It is a suitable for a person who use a Non-semiconductor ICP-MS



It is the product that combined the Glass nebulizer's advantage and PFA material's advantage(High purity and chemical resistance)

 inner body, Outer body, Separable uptake line(80cm)

It is the only structure that can be detached from the inner body and outer body.
It is suitable for Liquid/gas interaction and energy transfer - Very precisely, the capillary is located in the center of the inner body.
Longer lifespan than other Nebulizer - Capillary is supported by tip stably
A capillary with a constant internal diameter -Prevent potential blockage due to the absence of internal diameter changing.
Without any tools, it is easy to break through the blocked flow of capillaries with easy and safe reflux.
The problem with the connectivity of the common d-type(removable uptake line) nebulizer has been fully compensated.- implement a Zero dead volume
=> Connect Nebulizer's capillary and uptake line accurately and accurately


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