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Perpak Muff
Product Summary
Material: Tyvek or Pulp
Product specification: Tyvek: 3",4",5",7",9",12",16"          Pulp: 3",4",5",7",9",12",16", 12",18",24"(sheet)
Sterilization method: Steam
Key user: Drug companies, Laboratory
How to use:Cover the entrance of a drug bottle or experimental beaker with muff





  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gloves, Wipers, Stationery, Cleaner, Garments, Miscellaneous Goods , ESD
  • Bio&Pharm
  • Pharmaceatucal, Bio,
    Medical Devices, Lab
  • Solar
  • Solar industry consumables
    PE/PU functional film
    Sieve, Glove
  • Film
  • Film, Coating, Special Tape